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Alkaline + Raw Diet Mistakes! How Fruit & Other Healthy Food Can Make You Sick!

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This will undoubtedly be the most important book you will read in 2024 regarding the alkaline & raw food lifestyle. I put all my time and energy into this book because I see more and more people transitioning to an alkaline or raw food / fruit lifestyle but make fatal mistakes that will cost them their health. I talk about the list of Dr Sebi which is being completely misunderstood. My main goal is to clarify everything, stop the confusion and prevent people from limiting themselves based on false information. 

In this book I talk about alkaline & raw lifestyle mistakes that can lead to the following health issues: 

- Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
- Insulin Resistance
- Pre Diabetes / Type 2 Diavetes
- Swollen face / Puffy Face
- Dry, Puffy Eyes, Red, Inflamed Eyes
- Hypothyroidism
- Kidney Disease, Stones
- Fatigue
- Mood Swings, etc...

Yes, you can make yourself sick even if you eat natural, healthy foods. This is why I say in my book cover ("The silent killer no one is talking about")

I have written this book to prevent you from doing the same mistakes I and many others have done, and to prevent you from having to suffer from the health issues mentioned above by eating "healthy". I have shared over 30+ mistakes, research studies + my own experiences! It took me more than 4 years of trial and error, research, coupled with big successes and failures, to write this book. 

After reading it, you'll be able to detect & understand exactly what health problem you or other people have because I share with you what the signals and symptoms are so you know what it is and what you can do about it.

So here's what you're going to get:

- Over 30+ Alkaline, Cooked & Raw Diet Mistakes

- Teaching what the Alkaline, Raw Food & Health Conscious Lifestyles are really about

- Dr Sebi Approved List Explained: What nobody Is telling you! Understanding the key idea will change the way you see this lifestyle & will open your mind towards the truth

- Why most of the alkaline community is stuck & why that is not a good thing

Why some skinny / normal weight women in the alkaline / raw food communities do miscarriages when women with significantly more weight are giving birth to healthy babies.

- Detecting Health Issues By Understanding Signals & Understanding What They Mean / What The Underlying Cause Really Is 

- Discussing The Negativity In The Alkaline Community & Why It Is Important To Get Rid The Herd Mentality! 

- Explaining Why A Healthy Weight Does Not Equal To A Healthy Body 

- The Importance Of Self Experimenting

- Scientific Data Backing Up What I'm Saying

- How I made myself very sick on purpose with the alkaline lifestyle after being alkaline for over 4 years. What I went through and what my mistakes were, ... all these things will make sense after reading this book.

- Detailed Explanation On What Sugar Really Is. Most People actually don't know it.

- Exclusive Discount Codes For My Other Books

- And much more


This book is informative & educational. The goal is to teach what the alkaline lifestyle truly means because it is not what most people think it is. 


This book has a total of 246 pages!

I am not a doctor, therefore anything mentioned in this book is not medical advice! I shared what I learned, saw and experienced so far.
This book is not written to convince you of anything.
This book is written to show you the truth that most people are afraid of saying.

Get "Alkaline + Raw Diet Mistakes!" Now & Improve Your knowledge base immensely!

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Get Started With Your Alkaline / Health Journey & Make Sure To Prevent The Mistakes Mentioned In This Book To Ensure You Get All The Great Benefits Of This Lifestyle!